SVCMC Litigation Trust Annual Reports - Friday, August 30, 2013


Gray & Associates, LLC


The principals of Gray & Associates, LLC have served as trustees, receivers, management agents and liquidating agents in numerous receivership and bankruptcy estates.  Our familiarity with the courts, regional counsel, and the process, from appointment to termination give us a distinct advantage.  In the case of bankruptcy, we are available as either Trustee or as a direct contractor to the Trustee.

Our professional responsibility remains the same in either case, serving to protect the value of the assets while insulating the Lender from operational liability.

We offer the following professional services in these assignments:

  • Capture of cash and asset flow
  • Implementation of measures to secure real and personal assets
  • Identification, compilation, organization and protection of business records
  • Confirmation of insurance
  • Maintenance of assets, including deferred maintenance and capital improvements
  • Retention of entitlements, permits, licenses
  • Seamless management transition
  • Implementation of accounting and reporting plans
  • Design and oversight of brokerage, leasing and property management programs
  • Review and assessment of contract rights and responsibilities
  • Interaction with contracting parties, including licensors, vendors and clients
  • Interaction with governmental agencies
  • Interaction with community groups
  • Assessment of asset strengths, weaknesses and marketability
  • Management and oversight of offensive and defensive litigation
  • Design and implementation of asset marketing and disposition plan
  • Report as required to the court and other constituents


Our goal is to marshall and secure the assets, make an objective assessment on the viability of the entity and the assets, and to pursue those avenues that reduce the Lender’s loss, whether it is through refinance, litigation, selective disposition of assets, or full collateral liquidation.


Special Litigation Trustee:   We have served as litigation trustees, to direct and oversee litigation against individuals and corporate service providers, completing the assignments and distributing funds to claimants.


Fiduciary Management:  Gray and Associates also provides fiduciary management services.  Often with only a few hours notice, we can mobilize our team for interim business operations, whether it a small manufacturing or service company, a 300+ room hotel, an assisted living facility or any other distressed business entity.


Expert Witnesses:  We offer our services as expert witnesses in numerous jurisdictions with respect to receivership and trustee responsibilities and obligations, and on the management and disposition of performing and non-performing assets, whether in bulk or on an individual basis.

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